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Gardens and Allotments

We're proud to be one of the most simple and unique gardening systems you'll find. Centered around our organic GardenSoxx, our solutions allow you to put a garden anywhere! We've had hobbyists, professional, and amateur growers grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables safely, on concrete, decks, and patios in backyards, front yards and in fields.

No matter what the size of your garden, or how green your fingers, GardenSoxx can help you Simplify Your Love of Gardening™.

What are GardenSoxx?

GardenSoxx are an organic landscape and gardening system which makes use of high quality compost held inside a mesh tube to provide better growing conditions for your plants. This allows gardening anywhere!


The Filtrexx GardenSoxx is an ideal planter for any home gardening need. The compost-based growing medium and mesh containment provide ideal growing conditions for flowers, vegetables, herbs, berries and much more. Uses include no-till gardening, landscape edging, borders, raised beds, patio planters, window baskets, deck rails, and anywhere simple gardening is desired. One 2 foot long soxx can be used for 1-2 plants.

Garden Soxx are supplied by the Metre.

Gardens and Allotments Gardens and Allotments Gardens and Allotments Gardens and Allotments