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Scotbark are licensed and certified installers of all filtrexx products UK wide.

On-site Filling - Blower Truck

Filling Filtrexx sock on inaccessible sites is made possible with the use of blower trucks. These trucks have light flexible hoses which can blow the chosen filling media from the truck up to 120m away, allowing the operator to fill soxx on slopes and embankments or any area where damage from heavy plant is undesirable. The photos below show Filtrexx soxx being filled by a blower truck 60m away. This sock was being installed as an edgesaver on the banks of a lake where access was limited to a 2 metre wide grass path.

Off-site Filling - Palletized Soxx

Filtrexx sock can be filled and palletized at one of our locations and delivered to your site in long lengths or short sections for manual handling.

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